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Legal Vendor Advisory, a new voice for our community

Author: Cathy Kenton
June 9, 2013

Selling products and service to lawyers has never been easy, and it’s never been more challenging than it is now. The legal vertical is such a dynamic market, with the constant turnover of decision-makers, disruptive innovation changing the way law firms operate; it’s not easy to construct and deliver messages to cynical buyers. But without our products and services, law firms would not operate at any level of efficiency. For years as a member of the legal ‘vendor’ community and as a consultant, I’ve thought we’ve lacked a say.

What are we missing?

A Forum – New companies entering the legal vertical stumble along, forced to figure out the legal market for themselves, while seasoned veterans struggle to optimize ROI. Imagine the intelligence we can share with ‘newbies’ and veterans alike.

A Resource – Short of a few national tradeshows and conferences, we lack a community meeting place where companies providing products and services to the legal market can join together to discuss news, topics, and challenges we face in both the short term and long term.

A Voice – How many times have we heard ‘no vendors’? It’s our job to change the perception that vendors/providers are only interested in selling…after all some of the greatest minds in legal are ‘vendors’.

When NALV (the National Association of Legal Vendors) imploded in the early 1990’s, it was long before it was fashionable to acquire a domain name. A recent Google search turned up an acronym dictionary that still lists the legal vendor version, but that’s about it…the URL,, belongs to the Nigerian Association of Las Vegas! The point is, it’s been well over 15 years since the legal vendor community has had a centralized meeting place to openly discuss the issues facing and transforming our businesses.

While we won’t change negative ‘vendor’ perceptions or solve issues overnight, LegalVendorAdvisory (LVA) is dedicated to helping shape the legal profession and starting conversations between ourselves, the market, and the organizations/publications serving the legal community. A big goal and one that will take time.

To start, this blog will discuss high-level issues facing us as well as addressing our marketing and business development challenges. And, to make sure we have a little fun along the way, I’ll be dedicating Fridays to a lighter post that incorporates my love of wine (drinking it) so keep an eye out for my Friday Vin-Yets.

So, if you provide products and/or services to lawyers, join us and share your opinions.