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For some time, we’ve been experiencing a trend by legal vendors to market to everyone, in the hopes of landing a few solid leads.


Well I am here to say that it just isn’t working.


PTBARNUMJournalists, bloggers, and even real prospects are getting tired of it, and they are making their feelings known. In just the past week, three prominent legal luminaries/bloggers have shared similar frustrations of their own.


Bob Ambrogi posted a suggestion that vendors think about when and how to demo their products to bloggers/reviewers. On the same day, Niki Black posted an ‘Open Letter to LegalTech Vendors’. And she didn’t hold anything back, outlining many of the problems associated with legal marketing today. While both Bob and Niki were speaking as journalists, the problem is even worse for legal professionals who are constantly bombarded with irrelevant messages.


As a registered attendee of LegalTech, I’ve received calls from at least a dozen vendor representatives trying to schedule demos/meetings. When I explain I’m really not a prospect, the caller seems both astonished and confused.


If those transgressions weren’t enough, yesterday Craig Ball issued a ‘rant’ on his blog regarding eDiscovery surveys and the lack of true measurable data. Craig opined that many recent ‘surveys’ were not in fact surveys at all and instead simply useless “studies of attitudes”. His commentary is yet another example of industry luminaries saying ‘enough is enough’. Content should be king, but only if the content is real.


It should be clear this kind of marketing just isn’t working! Legal vendors, it’s time to get your marketing house in order and make certain you’re doing your homework and not just throwing stuff at the wall and hoping it sticks. Not only does that never work, but in many, many cases, it only hurts your marketing efforts.