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Hello Spring – Part 1

Author: Cathy Kenton
April 12, 2015

Hello Spring!

Even as the late snows are still melting in the Northeast, the buds are starting to appear on the trees in Central Park. And that can only mean one thing – MARKETING!

That’s right, marketing. You’ve had plenty of time to have executed your first quarter marketing plans. You visited frosty NYC in February to attend LegalTech, and had time to evaluate the results of your visit to the Big Apple. You contacted all the folks whose badges you scanned and business cards you picked up at the Hilton, and those new contacts are progressing nicely. You’re blogging and tweeting regularly, and your blog subscribers are up 200% from 2014.

LVSSpring CleaningOh and you’ve already got your sights set on ILTACon at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas in August.

(Deep breath) OK. Maybe LegalTech could have been better. Maybe the contacts weren’t ready to buy. Maybe your “day job” has you too busy to be blogging and tweeting and writing articles on LinkedIn. And maybe, just maybe, the results you were expecting for the first quarter have fallen short of your expectations.

Cheer up! Spring is here and it’s the right time to have a long hard look at what you wanted to accomplish in the first quarter of 2015, recognize what didn’t exactly work, and be proud of what did.

The often misquoted George Santayana said in his book “Reason in Common Sense”: “Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.”

So, here’s a high level checklist before you’re looking backwards in July. Our next blog will have details on what to think about for each of these topics:

  • Strategy
  • Communications
  • Event Marketing
  • Collateral
  • Website

Until then, gather your 1Q results, and regardless of where you ended up, be proud of the accomplishments you and your team achieved so far.