Hello Spring – Part 2

Author: Cathy Kenton
May 11, 2015

Welcome Back.

In our last blog post, we recommended looking back over your first quarter results, and honestly evaluating how they stacked up against your goals. This is Part II, where we provide some additional detailed suggestions on each topic.


  • Are your messages clear?
  • Have you validated your buyer-personas to ensure the messages resonate with your audience?
  • Is your SWOT analysis up-to-date, and your competitors identified?


  • Are you providing VALUABLE content to your contact database on a regular basis?
  • Is your social media program producing additional followers, connections, and improving your network? When was the last time you looked at your LinkedIn COMPANY page?
  • Do you have someone (besides you) who ensures that there is a blog update at least once a month?

Event Marketing

  • Besides the big conferences (LegalTech, ILTA, ABA), are you executing webinars and local one-on-many events?
  • If you are planning to attending ILTACon, have you reached out to existing clients to schedule meetings? (Psst, it’s not too early to start building an ILTACon calendar.)
  • Are there opportunities to leverage partners to expand your footprint and get in front of their clients before the summer break?

LVSSpring CleaningCollateral

  • Is it time to write a whitepaper or a case study that potential buyers could use to help make a purchasing decision?
  • Do you have brochures, videos, presentations or other tools that need a refresh (If it still has 2014 copyright or earlier, it probably could use a facelift).
  • Have you identified a new pain point that you could address for a specific segment of your market?


  • Check copyright dates. Having a page with Copyright 2014 is outdated. Likewise, not updating the About Us page with new staff, office locations, and photos is downright lazy.
  • Do your testimonials reference people who aren’t employed by the companies they were working for when they wrote that amazing review of your product? It’s time to get new ones.


Just remember “Tempus Fugit” aka “Time Flies.” Before you know it, we’ll be reminiscing about the great time we all had in Las Vegas at ILTACon. Let time be your friend by assessing the checklist above and acting on it now.

And lastly, it never hurts to get a second opinion…



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